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Understanding India's Next Billion Internet Users

Onset of the Digital Revolution has led to the penetration and consumption of the internet in the grassroots, opening a hotbed of digital opportunities. While we know that digital data consumption is on an all time high, but do we really know what is latest consumption trends?

ShareChat, in partnership with Nielsen India as 'Knowledge Partner', conducted a countrywide research to delve deeper into India's Social media usage and the online behaviour patterns from active internet users.

Peacock illustration representing diversity of India in the feathers

As a country of many languages and diverse culture we found out-

of internet users in metros preferred English language on their social media.

of Non-metro internet users preferred to use their regional languages on social media.

Based on the research we have characterized the internet users into


Social Networking users who prefer only English for using social network.


Social Networking users who prefer regional languages for using social network.

What will the Report uncover

Social networking Behaviour chart

Social Networking Behavior of a Bharat user Vs India User

The preference of regional language in Social media is higher in Non- Metros. Interestingly Bharat uses social media multiple times a day.

Top 4 digital engagement Apps

Top 4 Apps for digital engagement and interaction

Did you know- Messaging, Banking & Payment, Delivery, and Online shopping are most endorsed by social media users. Messaging Apps are used across the town class.

Most bought categories online

Frequently bought Categories online

Fashion, Mobile Phones, Non-Electronic devices, and Media are among the top bought online categories. Bharat has bought more categories when compared to India in the last 3 months.

Categories looked for purchase online

Ownership of Durables & Categories looked for purchase

All households of the Social Media users own a Colour TV. Ownership of rest all durables are lower among Bharat, it a business Greenfield for the rest of categories.

Investments made by Social Users

Investments patterns

On average, Bharat invests in 4 different investment plans while India invests in 3. The top 5 investment categories include Savings A/c, Life Insurance, Fixed Deposit, Mutual Fund, Gold/ Silver.

Mobile and Network usage in Bharat

Mobile and Network

9 out of 10 use the mobile network to access the internet. The usage of Jio is higher among Bharat when compared to India. Samsung and Mi are the Top 2 mobile Brands used overall.

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