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The Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector has emerged as a h ighly vibrant and dynamic sector of the Indian economy. The sector lends its significant contribution in the economic and social development of the country by fostering entrepreneurship and generating large employment opportunities at comparatively lower capital costs. Next only to agriculture, MSMEs contribute significantly to the inclusive industrial development of the country.

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Some Interesting facts about MSME Businesses

  • Create a Globally, Micro, small and medium enterprises are termed as growth engines. Rightly so, because they represent about 90% business and more than 50% of employment worldwide.
  • MSME sector in India has created a visible foot of industrialisation in the most backward regions of the country, contributing 29.7% to the National GDP and 49.6% to Indian exports.
  • MSME sector witnessed an acceleration in technology and digital transformation during the pandemic, surfacing them with an opportunity to adopt digital techniques in marketing, payments and overall operations.

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Digital marketing came up as the strongest driver along with the government policies for the Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).

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Adopt more cost-effective digital ways of generating brand visibility and engagement

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Measure impact and optimize campaigns to suit your business

Reach local audience first with geo-targeting and expand regionally

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The server to server integration delivers seamless shopping experience to the buyers, for all ad formatsEnables higher conversion by assisting in-app purchase, a customer doesn’t leave the ShareChat platform.

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88% of Indian language internet users are more likely to respond to a digital advertisement in theri local language as compared to English. Indian language internet user growth is fueled by Social Media, with CAGR of 21% user count to be over 300Mn by 2021. Communication in User’s Native language is the key to build an authentic connect.

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  • Social App advertising offers extensive reach and more effective because our community is more receptive to brands. They look to explore, reach out, connect, and interact.
  • Interaction levels in niche targeted campaigns are expected to be higher as the chosen audience is in a state of engagement with a desire to consume information.
  • Our social media platform offers a wealth of psychographic information to its users. This makes for unparalleled targeting
    capabilities to ensure your ads appear in front of the right audiences— giving you the highest return on your investment.

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